Automate your software support process.

Add a support page to your website that integrates with Github Issues.

Cut Out the Middle Man

Let’s talk about antiquated forum software, baby

IssuePress streamlines your customer support process by connecting your website with Github Issues. Customers request support on your site and you provide support through Github. It's that easy.

Install via WordPress

Add a support page to your website

Simply install IssuePress as a WordPress plugin and set up a support page for customers to submit issues, receive updates, and see fixes in real-time.

Stick to What You’re Good At

Follow your standard development process

IssuePress allows developers to develop in their natural environment—Github—while customers simply visit a page on your WordPress-powered website to obtain customer support.

I can't access any of my user settings. Using IE 10.


Help! I just clicked the 'forgot password' link and it didn't send me my password!


Where do I update my address? I looked in general settings but didn't see it.


I really don't like the new user dashboard. The fonts are too hard to read.


I saved a form but it disappeared from my favorites list. Why did it get removed?


Support is a Conversation

Keep customers updated automagically

When you’re not conversing with customers, you’re probably working on a bugfix or new feature. Customers can now follow relevant support issues and get updates in (near) real-time, making support conversations transparent, automated, and easy to see a status at any given time in a release cycle.